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From the creators (2 brothers) where one actually owns a set of spurs, comes a simple, yet challenging 2008 retro’ish style game.

You control a cowboy that is atop a horse. The cowboy controls the horse, so therefore you control the horse, technically.

There are only 5 levels to get through, but they are littered with traps such as exploding barrels, flying arrows, stampeding wild stallions, falling boulders, quick sand, and much more.

Head East (right) for as long as you can. Avoid everything exempt for gold bars. Gold bars are good. Gold bars allow you to buy continues for your game when you fail by crashing into a big cactus or other painful obstacle.

SImple game play
5 very tough but satisfying levels
Lots of horses. Everybody loves horses!

Tap the screen and hold it on the glass. Now move your finger up and down and the horse will follow. BAM!

From the creators that use mayonnaise to style their hair, comes a game about the life of a piece of sushi.

You’re a piece of sushi trying to make your way through a nightmarish kitchen. Your only goal is to reach and reunite with your girlfriend… another piece of sushi

Guide Mr. Sushi through this delightful platformer, but don’t get too comfortable, as there are traps everywhere including but not limited to knives, blenders, spinning blades, fiery pits and oven, and so much more.

The levels will be tough… very tough, challenging your wits. Don’t be surprised if you end up high-fiving the dog when you solve them.

Tons of scenes
A Gaggle of puzzles
A plethora of challenges
A myriad of traps
A lonely Mr. Sushi
A waiting-to-be-rescued Ms. Sushi

Tap left to move left
Tap right to move right
Tap the jump button to jump.
Hold the jump button down and your sushi will jump higher.

It’s time to get some wasabi!

From the creators that can balance 5 fish on their head at once, comes a cute platform game who’s puzzles and challenges aren’t so cute. Prepare to play, then want to quit, but you want just one more game, and then repeat.

You control Emily. Emily is a mouse. A mouse always wants cheese. So therefore Emily wants cheese. Viola! Get her to some cheese and Emily is happy.

Your goal is to get Emily home and avoid all the evil traps that await her everywhere. From mouse traps to sinister cats and fiery pits, danger is everywhere. Collect cheese on the way when you can. Use the chest to continue games so that the adventure doesn’t restart.

Fun looking platform game
Challenging puzzles
Tons of levels

Tap left/right to move Emily the mouse
Tap the jump button to jump
Collect cheese as you progress
Use cheese to continue from previous checkpoints

Test your commando skills with the new game Quick Trigger. It’s a fast action game based on the FPS principle that tests your memory, combat, and shooting skills with precision and speed. If your feeling zombie-like this is the game you need to keep you dead awake.

How To Play

1. You’re presented with a series of numbers. Your duty and mission is to shoot each assassin in the numbered order shown. Do not shoot any innocents.
2. Each game is timed so shoot to kill fast like a sniper in defense of the innocents.
3. When rifle is empty, reload ammo by tapping bottom left corner of screen.

This is a war of good against evil, and if you want to be the hero you must be an elite hunter taking out enemy bad guys in a quick orderly fashion.

The team of good needs your help to save the day. The Battle Horn Call has been sounded. You are the gunner with the the warfare skills needed to be victorious. When you win fist bump all your teammates because you’re an epic warrior!

Download Quick Trigger Today and rid the world of the coming evil plague of villains.

Alphabet Archery is like a children’s spelling bee on steroids with pointy objects.

An archer with a bow and arrow is shooting words, abc letters and texts as his target. But There’s educational learning taking place as well in the swirling midst of all this action and fun.

Simple Rules:
1. Words falling from above must be typed correctly before they hit the surface.
2. Type a letter right and your archer friend Shoots it out of the sky.
3. You get 60 seconds to clear all words and move to the next level. 7 levels to beat the game.

It’s not phonics but you will be get hooked on Alphabet Archery. That’s a fact!

This free flash card game of sorts involves hunting and shooting flying words motivated by your thirst for winning and learning.

Chat up your friends about this cool game pretty soon they will be hooked too!

With repeated practice you will soon be a master marksman of words and even if you mess up, no worries. Don’t go tracing back your steps, just start the game over and carefully read the words and type them as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll catch on in a flash!

Alphabet Archery is a instant favorite, that hits the bullseye of fun every time!

Download it today!

Ready for an awesome reflex challenge?

Swipe fast in this casual game that will have you pulling out your hair before you are done.


This is cool game where you race to connect all the falling square geometry blocks to the appropriately colored wall. Yeah, it’s that simple.


Swipe the colored blocks to the wall of the same color. If you see a blue block falling, swipe it towards the blue wall. If it’s a yellow block, swype it towards the yellow wall.


There are a variety of additional mini games that include 3D graphics, heads, animals, and more.

Do you get 3 lives? Four ? No way! One mistake and you start over.


Each win helps in building up your swipe racing score, and if you are the fastest swiper in the world, then it’s party time as you dominate the game.

Can you escape the limits of your reflexes? Will your eyes and fingers align perfectly to be the best in the world? Will you chase each block or be one step ahead?

So do it — download one of the most fun and addicting (dare we say best) tetris styled game for free and compete for the top mobile rank.

We are always swiping to unlock our phone or move from photo to photo. But how FAST can you swipe?

In Swipe vs. Swipe, you are pitted against thousands of opponents that think THEY are faster than you.

The rules are simple:

1) Swipe your slider over to your opponents side.
2) Your opponent is also doing the same thing.
3) Swipe and Slide as fast as you can.
4) Get all of your sliders over on their side and you win!

The better swiper you become, the faster you will move up in rank and leagues. Can you reach the Grand Master League? Will you become a guild master?

Powerups like freezing your opponents sliders make the game a bit easier for you, but beware — they can do the same thing to you and freeze your slide!

This is a challenging race where you swype one slider at a time, as fast as you can. Practice the fury of sliding on your own, then join in on 2 player multiplayer game action.

Ready for one of the most fun apps you can get? Play games with top players, block their progression, fast track your own progress up the rank ladder, in this free swipe racing game of fury.

A very unique and super fun head-to-head game that will suck you in.

This multiplayer sniper-based league progression game will have you playing against other players for hours.You start off with just a few troops, and your goal is to keep them alive, or take out your enemy’s troops before he or she takes yours out,You have many powerups to help you survive or help you take out the enemy. Although limited at first, more powerups unlock as you progress through the leagues.Get further into the game and you can add miner soldiers, and builder soldiers to help you forge new and more powerful weapons faster.Need elite commando troops? No problem, those unlock later in the game.

You vs. Me is expansive and will keep you coming back day after day.

  • Multi-player Sniper Warfare!
  • Powerup and Take the Opposition.
  • Download This Game Now!


The Orbity Bird Space Program is now open for business.Your goal is to get as many Orbity Birds into orbit without crashing into one another.Be careful, as earth’s gravity might sling you off into space. Use your thrusters to get into a perfect orbit.


All you do is tap the screen to launch your bird. That’s it!The faster you tap, the more thrust your Orbity Bird will produce.Too much thrust and your bird will fly into an asteroid belt and be destroyed.After 4 seconds of non-tapping, a new Orbity Bird will appear.

Rinse and repeat!

  • 5 Birds – Any monkey can do this.
  • 10 Birds – The average human will achieve this.
  • 15 Birds – You’re top of your class!
  • 20+ Birds – We want to see somebody reach this!